World Park Stonehenge, Beijing


photo by Apple de la Vega, with permission

No, we haven’t changed our name to Girls N Trilithons, (or I Can Haz Stonehenge, or F*** You, Henges, or Replica Overload). Once in a while, something more universally appealing than a Stonehenge replica is bound to find its way into a picture we post. We can relate to the enthusiasm these girls show. Another replica in China–it’s exciting!

This one is at the World Park in Beijing, which is much like the Window of the World Park in Shenzhen, except the Stonehenge in Beijing isn’t quite as good.

world-park-stonehengeThe exciting thing is that you can see the Eiffel Tower behind it. The stones, however, do not have the lichen-like patina we were so impressed with in Shenzhen, and they are squarish. As usual in these cases, no attempt at bluestones or other details of the original. Score: 7 druids. We’re starting to think we should organise Stonehenge tours of Asia!

second photo by Merritt Wilson, with permission

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