Build Your Own Ancient Wonder (Or Can You?)


photo from a promotional website

A busy evening and a short post. We walked into a bookstore recently and saw this on a shelf. After a wry laugh, we picked it up and looked it over. Judging from the pictures, we have come to the conclusion that this is a rewrap of the little 7-druid kit we posted back on November 20, 2008. The boost in price is due to the inclusion of a beautifully illustrated book and the packaging for kids.  (Beware: we’re pretty sure, although not certain, that the book attributes the building of Stonehenge to druids. Aaaaargh!)

Anyway, our message to you is not to fall for the different-looking packaging. If it’s just the Stonehenge model you want, you can get it for less money by buying the smaller item. Score: No change in druids for the original model–still 7. Unfortunately the lovely art is balanced out by the tiresome assertions of druid-building. Don’t people know that’s like saying the Romans built the pyramids?!

We won’t even go into the question of whether anyone today can actually build an ancient anything . . . *sigh*

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