Window of the World Stonehenge, Shenzhen!


photo by Franklin Cardenas, with permission

Since starting this blog we have seen some miniature examples of gardens with scenes from other parts of the world. There was Cockington Green in Canberra, Babbacombe Model Village in Greater London, Miniwelt in Saxony, and of course Legoland Windsor. In Shenzhen, China, a city near Hong Kong, there is a not-so-miniature version of this idea, Window of the World.

It’s really the creme-de-la-creme of ersatz tourist worlds, and their Stonehenge replica does not disappoint. It is the most realistic replica yet, from what we can see in the pictures. The stones are convincingly stained to resemble lichen and please do check out the lintel-knob on top of the sarsen seen here [link]! Of course you have to watch out where you take the picture if you don’t want to get the Eiffel Tower in the background!

Beijing has a similar park, called The World Park and we will try to bring you that one another day, but we don’t think its Stonehenge can compare with this one. Score: 8 druids for the builders at Shenzhen, who, well, know how to make a good copy!


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