ChampagneHenge, A Henge with Us in Mind!


henge and photo by Matt DeHaven, with permission

Oh, how Clonehenge has risen up the social ladder, from spaghettio-and-sausage henge to Dom Perignon henge! Built, back–lit, and sent in by an alert reader, this henge is built of the black gift boxes in which Dom Perignon is shipped (are the bottles in there? impossible to tell!).This is not Matt’s personal stash, by the way, but some bottles ordered for a party at the restaurant he manages–or so he claims . . .

With Matt DeHaven’s admission that he built this henge “after recently discovering Clonehenge“, we have now gone from documenting Stonehenge replicas to generating them! We are feeling chuffed. Thank you, Mr. DeHaven!

Is that bottle a heel stone? Or is it the other way and those flutes are bluestones? It matters not. Those boxes certainly loom impressively like sarsens. That’s good enough for us. Score: 6½ druids for bubbliest henge yet!

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