Theatre District Replica, Milton Keynes (now defunct)


photos from the MK News

We are leaving this post up as a memorial, but it has come to our attention that this lovely and unique black clonehenge was destroyed along with other sculptures in the Science Garden to make way for the new Premier Inn. Alas,  smol friend, Clonehenge will remember you!

For a nice Flickr photo, see here. In the theatre district of the city of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, this sculpture stands in a park where a ferris wheel once stood.One article says, “It has been designed by Pauley landscapes to represent civilisation, mankind and the universe.”

mk-2A Stonehenge replica is certainly a thoughtful choice for that representation. There was some trouble, though, when local pagans objected to this secular use of the sacred image of Stonehenge (This is one of those incidents that sets the U.K. in a positive light compared to the States!) Ha, MK Pagans–take a look around Clonehenge. The world is lousy with secular replicas! The good thing is that they always generate interest in Stonehenge among people who didn’t know it before.

In the role of peacemaker, the local pagan priest offered assistance in aligning the circle and requested that a plaque about stone circles be posted by it. “ ‘I think it is fantastic, such a lovely thing to have,’ he added.” It looks as if  this replica could turn out to be even better than it was meant to be!

As for scoring, well, we don’t know the materials used or much else about it but we encourage the building of Stonehenge replicas in public spaces! Score: 7½ druids for the little Stonehenge in the park!

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