Was Stonehenge a Building? Bruce Bedlam’s model


model and image by Bruce Bedlam, with permission

The above is a virtual model, of course, but it represents a real model that was made by the artist. Pictures of the real model can be seen here. The idea Mr. Bedlam has come up with is that Stonehenge is the remnant or foundation of what was once a large wooden building. For more about it and a good look at the model itself, you can view this video:

Of course the theory sounds wacky at first but it’s partly because we haven’t considered it before. If Woodhenge had a roof, why not Stonehenge? We are willing to add it to the list of possibilities.

And what of the model? The model of the stones before the wood was added is rather a nice replica of the original structure as it imagined to have been. We think this kind of speculation is fresh and fun and fully in the spirit of Clonehenge! Score: 8 druids for Bruce Bedlam’s model of Stonehenge as a wooden star! Now, what’s the deal with that crystal thing at the bottom of this page?!

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