Shunt Henge, or Haha! Eat this, Smithsonian Channel!


Photo by linux-works, with permission

A henge made mostly of jumper shunts–who would guess they would make such a striking picture? linux-works, the builder and photographer, did an outstanding job catching a clean image of this excellent henge.

When Smithsonian was cruising Flickr looking for images for their henge video, they saw the image here, and approached the artist who declined to release it for commercial TV without being paid. (Tch, tch, sucks to be them! *Clonehenge shakes head and grins*)  We, however, being about as uncommercial as one can get, was given linux-works’ generous okey-dokey and here is shunt henge for you to see. Thank you, sir!

We’re told there is a back story, too, and we’ll add it if we get it, but for now we will score without. As you may have noticed, we kind of equate electronics with druidry, an advantage for this one. We award 6½ druids to this minimalist henge, which seems almost to hang in mid-air.

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