Paju City Stonehenge: England in South Korea!


Photo by Sonja Jean, with permission

If English speaking is vital for success in South Korea, how can less affluent children get an experience of immersion? One way is to create an English village in Korea. And what is more likely to be part of an English village than–you guessed it–Stonehenge?!

It’s a nice big one, too, possibly bigger than the original, although the pictures hint that it is not complete. There are few sites about it in English. Here is a report about the village from a radio show in the States.

Some replicas demonstrate astronomy or represent ancient observatories, some are to show creativity with stone, others to be cool, some make a political point or serve as a monument to the dead, plus some we suspect are, well, compensation, but this was just built to make it seem like England. So many reasons to build a Stonehenge replica!

How to give druids when we can’t get a look at the whole thing? We’ll say 7 druids for size and whimsy (whose idea was it, we wonder?) and for being so far from its ancient home. A side note: there are real ancient megaliths near Paju City as well.


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