Cellphonehenge, a tour de force

cellphonehenge-51We have been saving this one because once it is posted, it is unlikely to be surpassed. Among all the small, homemade henges we have had the privilege to see, this one is a rock star. As inaccurate as it still is as a Stonehenge replica, it has that je ne sais quoi that allows it to rise above.

Listing the faults sounds petty: no lintels on the outer ring and too many trilithons in the center for starts . . . still, what it lacks in the letter it proffers in spirit. The commentary, too, enhances the installation. The caption on the Flickr photo below reads, “A closer view showing how the setting sun in mid summer shines down the avenue of pagers, through the Motorola arch and directly on the altar phone. ” There’s more where that came from.

cellphonehenge-31And whom do we have to blame–no I mean thank!–for this extraordinary henge? Once again it is the work of the inimitable Simon W. Burrow and friends. Here is his Cellphonehenge blog post and here is a Flickr link from which you can click on 7 photos to read the captions.

Score? We’re giving this one 8½ druids. If only they had dug a little ditch and bank with a stick or something . . .

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