Tiny Tick-Tock Stonehenge Clock

sh-clock-2photo by Stonehenge Guy, Bob Bradlee of Stonehenge Collectables

You’ll find it on Ebay, this curious little Stonehenge with a clock on its side, made by Westland Giftware. Who thinks of these things? Who was the person who said, let’s make a tiny little Stonehenge-ish thing and put a small clock face on it? You have to wonder.

But clockmakers and astronomers are among those most aware of Stonehenge. We showed you a trilithon replica at a clock museum in a post about two museum replicas. Stonehenge is seen partly as an ancient timekeeper, so combining a clock with Stonehenge isn’t completely random. Not that we mind things that are completely random–they’re often our favourites!

This item is wrong in so many ways–proportions are all wrong, it’s all one solid piece . . . And yet, can you feel it? That pull? We can feel it calling us to buy it and set it to gather dust on the shelf above the computer where we do our Clonehenging. It’s kind of, well, you know–cute. Stonehenge isn’t supposed to be cute! Bad Stonehenge replica!

Score: 5¬† itty bitty, tiny little druid fairies! Aww, can’t you just see them dancing? And picture their footprints in the dust on our shelves? Wait, what’s that the cat has in her mouth? Uh oh, gotta go!