War-Game Terrain Stonehenge


photo from War-Game Terrain promotional website

We’ve featured virtual war games’ versions of Stonehenge, but what about table-top war games? You know there had to be some. Fantasy games all eventually come around to needing a Stonehenge, don’t they?

wargame1Wargame Terrain or War-Game Terrain–spelled a couple of ways–can supply you with your wargame Stonehenge needs. “Each terrain piece is carefully hand crafted from insulation and or beveled 1/8″ hardboard, foam, strengthened with filler, flocked with gravel, grass or sand and hand painted.

This one includes one trilithon and one, well–quadlithon? But they’ll work with you. Each piece is custom-made.

Score: 5 druids for the wargame Stonehenge. But keep war well away from the real stones.