We Now Have a Theme Song! Ylvis: What’s the Meaning of Stonehenge?

pondering the Meaning of Stonehenge

pondering the Meaning of Stonehenge

This is so great we can’t express it in words. Watch it and weep! “What’s the deal with the Stonehenge?” Oh, almost forgot–not safe for kids.

Who cares if they got a detail or two wrong? They even include the snow globe. That’s class.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled lack of posting!

Esperance Update

Latest news on the Esperance, Australia Stonehenge replica including a video with the Beales discussing it can be seen here.

In the video, Jillian Beale, one of the builder/proprietors,  says that some visitors had recently been to Stonehenge in England and “said it was a pile of old rocks. They’d paid seventeen pounds and it was rubbish. And in my book he’s written ‘It’s brilliant. Better than the original!’ ” Worth a watch.

Meanwhile we’re still fretting over whether lintels will ever appear on the outer circle.