potato henge and photo by Captain Henge

The International Virtual Henge-Fest was held at the beginning of 2007, and while it was on an extremely small scale, wouldn’t it be fun if this sort of thing would catch on? Entries included a bog roll (‘toilet paper roll’ in American) henge, a CD henge, a people henge, a Tardis henge and more, all pictured at the link above.

Is it lame?” the original announcement read. “Only if you’re sober!” it declared But even sober people might enjoy competitive henging once in a while. We would certainly enjoy seeing the results.


Tardis henge and photo by Robbie Bonham

“Everybody make and bring a henge!” isn’t the worst thing you could put on a party invitation. You never know what you might get! We award 7½ druids to Captain Henge and the Henge-Fest hengers for good henges and a great idea. May their numbers multiply!

Send your holiday (or other) henge photos to clonehenge @entermail.net, removing the space before the @, and we will post our favourites.