Kansas presents Stonehenge, Jr.: Wichita’s Stonehenge?


photo by Ingrid Stamatson, with permission [her sweeps site]

Back to the question, What makes a Stonehenge replica? Stonehenge is like the elephant of the old story. One man sees an architectural structure, one sees an ancient temple, one sees megalithic culture, one sees a solar / astronomical calendar, another just sees an emblem of fair England, and each makes his replica according to what he sees, so that one Stonehenge replica may not even resemble another or its parent to outside eyes.

As with Mystical Horizons and the Arctic Henge, this ‘henge’ doesn’t look like Stonehenge: no lintels, no horseshoe, no ditch and bank. Yet, since it has picked up on one aspect of Stonehenge in an original and engaging way and it’s often referred to as Stonehenge, Jr., we think it’s worth a post. Quote from the Roadside America page on it: “On the Equinoxes the rising sun shoots through a large metal eye perched atop one of the stones and illuminates a colored glass stone embedded in the ground.” We understand the solstices are similarly marked. More pix here.

Scoring? Well, we find the complex utterly charming and we would love to have it in our local park. What a great teaching device for children, magical enough to inspire future megaraks*! Still, we can’t ignore its dissimilarities to the real thing. Score: only 5½ druids–but we want one!

* Megarak. A combination of the words megalith and anorak. One who is very interested in megaliths, standing stones, prehistoric stone circles etc.