Springhill Gardens, Replica in California

springhill-3photos by Dan Koellen, with permission

At Springhill Gardens near Lincoln, California, somewhere amid the 400-foot-long statuary garden, the Tequila Hill garden, full of agaves, the shade garden, a knot garden, a rose garden, a palm garden and–most intriguing to us–the pink-flamingo-and-gnome garden (!!), there stands a Stonehenge replica of sorts (the photographer says it is not made of stone but of something resembling stucco). It isn’t small but might be almost lost in this huge  garden of many parts. The garden is owned by John Poswall, a Brit (mystery solved!) and his wife Peg.

springhill-2It’s an odd-looking one, we have to say, reminding us a bit of the post-henge at Rainwater Observatory in French Camp, Mississippi (seen with hemispherical addition in photo).  We don’t know if this replica is of stone. It must have taken some doing to vary the lengths of the uprights in order to keep the lintels level! To be honest, the resemblance to Stonehenge itself is a but tenuous, but the owners call it a Stonehenge replica and we’ve been in this business long enough to know that people always have their reasons. It certainly has a lovely setting!

Score: 6 druids. It’s trilithon-free, but we like the outlying stones  and we’re sentimental about beautiful landscape settings. Landscape seems to have been important to the builders of the original.

If we owned it, we might look into training some ducks to walk in a circle, just to stun visitors approaching on a tour!