Romans vs. Druids, a Stonehenge Diorama!


from Stonehenge, with kind permission

Oh, goody! You know how sometimes things can be so wrong and yet so right? The diorama above, built years ago by a Canadian (you know how they are–ya just never know what the heck they’ll do next! ;-)) and now in the collection of Stonehenge collector Bob Bradlee, is that kind of thing.

Ah, the wonders of Twitter! That is where we ran across Mr. Bradlee aka StonehengeGuy and his website Stonehenge In our unrelenting search for Stonehenge models and replicas we have seen all kinds of Stonehenge post cards, art, t-shirts, etc., but somehow we never knew there were people out there lapping them all up! Now we know.

A few of the things he has picked up along the way are, like this one, hengy enough to cross over into Clonehenge territory. As anyone who knows us must surely guess, we love this one! [more photos of it here]Yes, those are actual little Roman soldiers with shields and helmets and swords, fighting, yes, oh yes, druids unclad from the waist up (except for the women) using clubs, bows and arrows and double-headed axes! It is the battle for Stonehenge, a battle that almost certainly never took place.

We don’t know what the model Stonehenge itself is made of (see comments for that info), but it’s nicely done. No bluestones, of course, and no ditch and bank, but the monument is, realistically, already in ruins in the time of the druids, so there is no implied assertion that the druids built Stonehenge. Refreshing.

Score: 6 druids. I’ll bet the staff of the Wiltshire Heritage Museum are dying to get their hands on this baby! By the way, here’s what worries us, looking at this: if the druids were magical like so many people say, why didn’t they defeat the Romans when they conquered England? Why couldn’t they levitate them and drop them into the English Channel or something? Could it have been the irresistible lure of the tourist lira?

Our thanks to StonehengeGuy. We look forward to seeing more from his collection, but we doubt he can beat this!