Poem Henge: Fridge Doors at the (New) Jersey Shore


Photos by Sister72 (Jackie Fritsche), with permission

In 2005, in celebration of the autumnal equinox, the Belmar Arts Council of Belmar, New Jersey, sponsored a Poem Henge on the beach. Part of the official announcement read: “Three dozen discarded refrigerator doors will be erected in the shape of Stonehenge, the ancient ruins in England. Local artists and art students will paint words onto magnets from poems created by members of the Blue Collective.


Well, we have to say that this is an interesting idea.  We like seeing the Atlantic Ocean out behind the henge. You have to wonder who thought of it. And where did the refrigerator doors come from? Summer rentals abandoned for the winter? You can see a few more of the poems here. We chose these pictures for the views of the structure.

Is this weird or brilliant? You decide. We have to like the idea of Stonehenge replicas as a base for other kinds of creation. You could have an art-henge, or a fashion-show henge. We’ve seen Surf Henge (there’s more than one!) and BoatHenge. The possibilities are endless! Score: 6 druids for this equinox henge. How many times do we have to tell you not to poetry-slam the refrigerator door!?

We have now heard from one of the originators of the project. Please read the first comment for more information. Thank you, Kevin!