Therme Erding Stonehenge: Mandatory Nudity!


photos from spa promotional materials

Outside Munich is the spa to end all spas, Therme Erding, parts of which have a Celtic Theme. And bowing to the ubiquitous misconception that Stonehenge was built by the Celts, the spa includes a Stonehenge replica! And, yes, our title may be gratuitously sensational (we are not above anything, however low!), but it is true. Nudity in the sauna areas, which are shared by both genders, is mandatory.

therme erdingBabelfish translations are all we have to work with in order to learn what we can about this replica. One says: “the Erdinger Stonehenge consists of 30 blocks of Italian volcanic rock, of which everyone is heavy about four meters highly and 17 tons.” Babelfish insists on translating something to do with spas as sow kidneys.  Examples: “Sow kidneys in the original Stonehenge reproduction, ease everything in the garden Eden” and “refreshing rain showers and a spring water-fed torrent, which in-loads sow kidneys to a style-genuine refreshment to that.” We’re guessing they’re not discussing pig entrails. Heh. Have we mentioned we ♥ Babelfish?! If one of our gentle readers knows German, perhaps they can help us out with the kidney thing. Here’s a link to one of the translated pages.

At any rate, what about a score? Do we give an extra druid for the suggestion of the skyclad tradition? 6 druids for the Therme Erding Stonehenge. This is our second Stonehenge near München, and our fourth in Germany. We detect megalith envy!

[See comments for explanations of the sow kidney conundrum by helpful readers.]