Laptophenge–Doing it Right!


photo by Simon W. Burrow, with permission, henging by SWB and friends.

We have been admiring this man’s henging skills for a while and this evening we received the much-coveted okey-dokey to post some of his creations.  Hurray! We start with Laptophenge, which boasts $100,000 worth of old laptops. To quote the blog post:

Fifty old laptops of course equals fifty crashed hard drives and an equal number of unhappy people.  Hopefully the joy created by Laptophenge has restored some of the karmic balance to the universe.

We have no doubt that it has! Look at the joy here.

And this is not all–a henge t-shirt was created for the henging event that resulted in Laptophenge–a shirt we must post:

Clearly these are people after our own hearts!And you haven’t even seen cellphonehenge and its ancient avenue of pagers . . . So many henges, so little time!

Laptophenge is an amazing creation. The t-shirt is just icing on the cake, the very best, most delicious icing.  Score: 7½ druids for our first California henge. We look forward to bringing you more works by Mr. Burrow. Happy New Year, everyone!