Happy Camper Snowhenge, Antarctica Yet Again

hulabelly snowhenge

photo by Breana Simmons, aka hulabelly, with permission

Okay, so we’ve developed a fascination with the Antarctica/snowhenge connection. How can South America have no Stonehenge replicas and Antarctica have so many? Breana’s explanation of this one goes some way toward explaining it: “Snowhenge was built by a group of researchers during Happy Camper School in Antarctica. We have to pass this course if we want to work in the field. It’s a lot of fun, but you have to keep moving to stay warm. Hence, Snowhenge.

For those who have forgotten, here are the other Antarctica snowhenges we’ve posted: The Bushmills-Conjuring Snowhenge and Sky-Blu, plus the one we haven’t been able to post, here. And we will continue to post Antarctic snowhenges as they come down the line.

When we started we wanted to get a Stonehenge replica on Antarctica and one on the International Space Station. Turns out, the people on Antarctica were way ahead of us. Now we need one on the South American continent and one on the space station. Maybe we can get Stephen Colbert to help–he seems to have an in with NASA!

Score for this snowhenge: 6 druids. It lacks a little detail but we’ll cut people slack when they’re working in weather well below freezing!