Stonehenge Under Water, and Clonehenge’s Fourth Birthday!

Artist’s conception of the proposed reef, from the website of the Reef Builders International

On the 20th of November, 2008, Clonehenge first appeared online. Posts were short, and we often did two or three a day. Four years later, here we are, doing fewer posts and longer, but still plugging away. Happy birthday to us!! That Clonehenge goes on at all is remarkable, and fun. Thank you to all (three?) of you for your interest and support!

part of the Neptune Memorial Reef

For our birthday post we have chosen to tell you about the first large underwater Stonehenge, one that is still in planning stages, a limestone reef in the form of Stonehenge, to be built for the enjoyment of undersea organisms and human divers by Reef Builders International, LLC.  (Beware of that site–egregious use of Flash!) These people also built the Atlantis Reef Project, aka Neptune Memorial Reef, a place for burial at sea that is fancifully made to look like the lost city of Atlantis.

We say this is the first large underwater Stonehenge because unsurprisingly a five minute search turns up three different companies (here’s one) that make Stonehenge-style decorations for fish aquariums (aquaria?), which means there are bound to be more somewhere. People have been doing small underwater Stonehenges for some time. Perhaps it’s an echo of the future time when Stonehenge itself will be underwater!

Since Clonehenge began, we have brought you tiny Stonehenges, huge Stonehenges, edible Stonehenges, Stonehenges of many ridiculous materials, scientific Stonehenges, artistic Stonehenges, illegal Stonehenges, pink Stonehenges, white Stonehenges, and Stonehenges in Australia, Europe, Japan, China, Africa, South America, North America (of course!), and several in Antarctica. We still haven’t had a real Stonehenge replica in space, something we still greatly desire, but this is almost as good–a Stonehenge in the ocean! People are strange and, reluctant as we are to admit it, kind of brilliant.

No score, BTW. This henge hasn’t been built yet, but we hope they follow the picture and shape the stones in imitation of the real thing. The press release gives us only this:

The limestone blocks that make up the project will be worked by hand with diamond blade grinders and chainsaws stone by stone. When completed the stones will be carried by ocean-going barge to the project site 45 feet underwater 3 miles offshore of Key Biscayne Florida and assembled underwater.

But perhaps the most interesting sentence reads:

The Sarsen Circle with forty upright columns and lentils weighing over ten tons each will be constructed with 15,549 cubic feet of Limestone weighing over 700 tons.

We can’t wait to see those lentils. This Stonehenge will not only be recreational but in a pinch it could feed thousands!!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes you haven’t sent yet, but that we know you intend to! We look forward to whatever gifts you send as long as they are this.  Any of these cakes would also be acceptable, gluten-free, of course! (All right, if you twist our arms we might accept plane tickets and a holiday in Wiltshire!)

Thanks again to our readers (surprisingly many), and our critics (surprisingly few), to our Hengefinders, and to, and of course to those crazy hengers of every stripe. We are grateful for four fun years! A pity the world only has a month left. We were just getting started.

Until then, friends, happy henging!