Wells Bombardier, Stonehenge in Advertising


photo by Feòrag NicBhrìde, with permission

We don’t usually post pictures of pictures of Stonehenge. That way lies madness–gratuitous uses pop up everywhere. But this amusing use of Stonehenge to advertise Wells Bombardier was sent us by the alert reader who is the prattler at The Pagan Prattle. We like receiving pictures from readers!

Of course you have to be British to understand everything in the picture on this bottle, but Clonehenge readers of all nationalities will recognise the linteled stone circle at the bottom of the ad.  We were going to make a joke about whether Stonehenge received a fee for its endorsement of a beer until we saw the notice saying “Official beer of English Heritage.” Apparently someone or something did receive a fee.

No score for this, of course, but we do like the red squirrels. And speaking of endorsements, here are a couple of Cthulhu-related items we enjoyed on Feòrag NicBhrìde’s website linked in the caption above: Cthulhu Nigiri and Cthulhu-na-Gig. But we will resist the temptation to start a blog on Cthulhu-related art!