Stonehenge and Golf–Why?


photo by Jo Wallace

There’s an intriguing connection between golf and Stonehenge (remember Montana’s beautifulreplica?). A surprising number of regular golf courses are named Stonehenge and some crazy golf entrepreneurs feel the attraction as well. The golf course above is in Norfolk, U.K.  and is the only big red Stonehenge we have ever seen. The one below, at Stonehenge Golf Centre, is in Larkhill, Wiltshire.

stonehenge-mini-golThere’s a brilliant one in Thailand, too, the link to which we seem to have mislaid, so we’ll add it when we locate it again. Stonehenge shouldn’t feel special, though. Minigolf and crazy golf contribute other replicas as well favouring things like the Taj Mahal, the pyramids and the Sphinx.

We’ll give the first one 5 druids and the second the same. But we admit we would go out of our ways to play at either course. Meet you there at solstice!