Fake Dog Poop Henge, Because This Town Has Class!

photos and henge by Kris Sebring, aka thepapierboy, with permission

Let us introduce you to our town!

Like so many of our readers, we are real people (and/or person) who actually live somewhere–having so far been unsuccessful in our attempts to move completely onto the internet (all the online apartments that accept cats seem to be full up!). In our case, that somewhere is the–ahem–quaint town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Yes, sadly, we do not live in Wiltshire where we could be having fun making crop circles of a summer night!

From time to time, in fact, we have done some moonlighting, writing for a blog called Weird Nazareth about the odder tales and tidbits of this corner of the whirling world. Well, as a gesture in kind, the proprietor of the Weird Nazareth blog has sent us this picture of a homemade henge, which he calls Dog Poop Henge. We must hasten to assert that we are Certain that he could not Possibly be making an Editorial Comment expressing his Opinion of the Clonehenge blog by his choice of henging materials!

Having established that point up front, let us have a look at what he, or some creature or other, has produced. My, it looks juicy! It’s just a trilithon and a turd, that is to say, bluestone, but what impresses us most is what appears to be–yes!–a ditch and bank surrounding the, uh, construction. By our conventions he gets at least an extra druid for that.

Now, faithful readers will recall that we have featured a suspiciously dog poop-like henge before, albeit those lintels and uprights resembled a rather more dried and whitish stage of the duration of excremental existence. And the claim in that case was that it was clay. Well, this gleaming example of former food is in fact not at all what it seems but turns out to have been made of paper pulp, as described in this post of the blog maker diaries, another blog extruded from the mind of the previously mentioned Señor Sebring.

Oh, yes, as long as we’re looking at photos of our Moravian Church-founded town, allow us to give you a tour. In the top picture from left to right we see a former church, then we don’t see, just behind some trees, a large manor house originally built in the 1750s for the famous or, to some, infamous Count Zinzendorf. The next visible building, the light-colored one, is called the Sisters’ House, where the unmarried women of that community lived, and then over on the right is the current Nazareth Moravian Church. In the distance between there, sighting through the trilithon, is the circle at the center of town. You might say this town contains a s**t-load of history! Or you might not.

At any rate, we need a score here. Hmmm . . . trilithons are usually 5 druids, but this one has a ditch and bank, so we award the fake poop henge 6 druids! Which somehow seems too high, but then we want to do our part to contribute to the pride the Papier Boy’s infant daughter will someday feel at this, his fine accomplishment! Thank you, sir.

P.S.: Although this may be a tacky context in which to say it, we wish a blessed Imbolc to all those who celebrate it!