Stonehenge in Treave, Cornwall


photo by Alan S., with permission

This height-challenged Stonehenge replica is one of several replicas of British megalithic antiquities built by a rather eccentric woman who ran the local holiday cottages in Treave.  What a relief to learn that she did not add any Easter Island heads! She wanted to make the circle larger, but couldn’t get planning permissions. Fortunately, in Wiltshire the original Stonehenge was grandfathered in.

The woman who built this circle was a dowser but when the Cornish Earth Mysteries Group visited in 2000, we’re told they got very bad vibes out of it. There’s not much to it—a ring with a few lintels. Score: 5½, almost a 6. Cornwall is full of real megaliths. What inspires people with the urge to henge? We at Clonehenge hope they don’t find the cure too soon!

[more photos of this replica can be seen here]