Stonehenge at the Commonwealth Museum, Massachusetts


photos from the Commonwealth Museum website

Once again, perseverance pays off. We saw a picture of this months ago and  couldn’t find it until a search for Stonehenges at museums (there are plenty but few pictures!) turned  it up. bostonIt’s hard to make out the entire construction. The single trilithon is accompanied by what appears to be a rectangular space enclosed with low standing stones. The site says: “You can tent Stonehenge and barbecue inside.” Now there’s a money-making scheme that English Heritage hasn’t tried. To our knowledge. One can just imagine an American celebrity wedding taking place in a tented-over Stonehenge. If only it weren’t so close to the A303!

boston2Our Boston replica, however, has the advantage of an ocean view. Looks like a lovely place to spend an hour or two, but is it a Stonehenge replica? It is another example, like Stroudhenge and the California sculpture-which must-never-be-named, of a sculpture known as Stonehenge and not a true replica.

It does have a megalithic look, as of a collapsed chambered tomb with a trilithon entrance. Not a true replica, but you can bet we’ll visit on our next Boston trip! Score: 5 ½ druids. About time Massachusetts gets on the Large Permanent list!