Colorado’s Stonehenge, The Rock Garden


Welcome to Fort Collins, Colorado, home of Colorado’s Stonehenge, located at the headquarters of The Rock Garden [beware–potentially annoying music accompanies the site until you click on the Stop Sound button!] a seller of natural stone products. These photos are from their website, and, yes, they do advertise as Colorados’ Stonehenge.


However there does not appear to be a Stonehenge replica here, just some trilithons and the constructions above–what would you call them?–with a lintel over the ends of two adjacent trilithons. We also see at least one monolith in there. But calling this a Stonehenge when you create a new kind of structure for it and when there is a large landscaped pond in the middle is colorado-gallery41stretching the term, we think.

Still, it is a nice construction, even though it is stranded in something that resembles a stone-age miniature golf course. We would be curious (as always) to know what inspired these builders to go for a henge replica.

Scoring–well, how many druids do you think would hang out here? On the other hand, Colorado druids may be a peculiar lot. We’ll give this Stonehenge replica 4 druids, and maybe an ice cream cone when the game’s over if you get your golf ball through the trilithon!

We may not post tomorrow, but we’ll see you next year. Happy New Year, gentle readers!

Guest Score from Simon Burrow: 7 druids. Thank you, Simon! Apparently, this one is all about being there.