Autohenge, Ontario


photo from, with permission

Before there was Carhenge, there was Autohenge. Built in 1986 by artist William Lishman at the request of Chrysler for a commercial, it stood proudly on the Canadian landscape for 5 years until it was removed. There is some evidence that suggests Lishman would consider creating anotherAutohenge if he could raise the money.


Maybe it’s just us, but these pictures seem to have caught something melancholy and magnificent. Its history is interesting. How many Stonehenge replicas have been sponsored by major corporations? May that happen more and more!!

We’re nearing the bottom of the list of large replicas. A handful more and then we’ll just be posting small ones. This seems to us to be a good example of a grand tradition. Maybe the Canadian government could give Lishman a grant!

Score: Look at that picture at the top. 8 druids, at least!

P.S.: We do not plan to list Cadillac Ranch, Truckhenge, or Airstream Ranch, as they just are not hengy enough.