The perfect convergence of shape and name make the lowly scone a favoured choice of henge material. advertises a poster of a sconehenge, complete with ancient gingerbread Flintstone ( NOT one of the F4J, we trust!), and a search for sconehenge on Google yields bakeries, a bed and breakfast and actual scone henges of varying degrees of complexity.

The one pictured above was made virtually–a quick look reveals the same scone being used in different positions. Still, it makes a nice cover for this album by Celtic musical group Carnival of Souls. Few scone henges we’ve seen have the benefit of a landscape background and we think it takes this one up a notch.

We will try to separate our rating of this henge from the group’s inclusion of the song Queen of Argyll, written by Andy M. Stewart with whom we shared a few ales back in the days when he toured with Silly Wizard. Ah, fun times and a great song!

Score: 6 druids for the henge of scone!