Pandorica Stonehenge: 11 Years Ago!

11 years ago years ago, 19 June, 2010, the Doctor Who Pandorica episode first aired. An iconic episode made even more memorable by Matt Smith’s epic delivery of the I AM TALKING speech.

But you know what we’re interested in: was the Stonehenge real or fake? Well, it’s complicated.

Much of the scene was filmed at Stonehenge itself with a fake stone brought in for Matt to stand on. But additional bits were shot at another location: a foam Stonehenge replica built outside Port Talbot in southern Wales. Those very (perhaps unhealthily?) familiar with Stonehenge, like ourselves, can recognise shots where the stones don’t quite look right. Those were done at the foam replica, in the pouring rain apparently.

Our thanks to friend Simon Banton and to the Matt Smith News Page for some of this information! Happy solstice tomorrow and to all of our friends out there, happy henging!

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