Clonehenge Birthday Cakes: Give Us Them!

Stonehenge cake, from

Stonehenge cake, from

Attention hengers of all kinds: Clonehenge’s 5th birthday is coming up on the 20th of this month, and what better way to celebrate than with photos of Stonehenge cakes?

Examples of Stonehenge cakes

Examples of Stonehenge cake

Your challenge is to make a Stonehenge cake (or other dessert of your choice), and send us a photo (nancy (dot) wisser (at), or post it to our Facebook group or page, or address it to us on Twitter, @Clonehenge. These can be brilliant or lame. They don’t even have to be cakes. Any sweet goodie roughly Stonehenge-shaped will do.

Rice Krispie henge from Bay Area Bites

Rice Krispie henge from Bay Area Bites

We’ll love them regardless! We’ll post the pictures on Facebook, on Twitter, and on the Clonehenge blog itself, and then you get to eat your entry!

You make it, we post it, you eat it. Yum! Happy birthday to us.

Hengers, you may start your ovens!

England-themed Stonehenge cake

England-themed Stonehenge cake

Stonehenge cake by Iced-Moments

Stonehenge cake by Iced-Moments

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