Wine Rack Henge

Posted by Simon

It is the curse of the henger.  I was building a new wine rack for the hall closet and the nicely shaped maple pieces suddenly started talking to me.  And what they were saying was “we are a henge.”

And they became a henge.

Then the spirits intervened (it is a wine rack after all) and the sunlight reflected of the car window shone directly through the southern trilithon.

A clear message that the Mayans were wrong and the world will go on after the winter solstice.

This is my first entry in the Clonehenge End of the World Festival contest as announced on October 23, 2012.  Life is Good.

Thank you Nancy for letting me “guest blog” on Clonehenge.  I feel like I am typing on sacred ground.  Well not exactly “sacred ground” maybe “sacred pixels.”

You can see more of my hengish contributions here.

One thought on “Wine Rack Henge

  1. This is so great! We just sit back and posts appear on Clonehenge like magic!

    Many thanks to Simon for this post and entry into the Clonehenge contest. Mr. Burrow was the first henging enthusiast we ended up communicating with 4 years ago after Clonehenge started up, and is the right person to do our first real guest post, other than, of course, HRH. 😉

    The force of the Henge is strong in this one.

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