Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012, Year of the Henge!

photo and henge by Brock Davis

Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for 2012! Here is a link to the Google Image search for Stonehenge replica. Lots of images to enjoy there, and of course, that’s just a taste of what’s out there.

Will we be posting henges in the new year? That remains to be seen. But we guarantee that Stonehenge replicas will continue to be built!

We hope everyone will have a year of wonder, pleasure, and success, whatever that means to you. And until the next time, happy henging!

One thought on “Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012, Year of the Henge!

  1. OK, when shopping…does anyone else stack boxes on the grocery store checkout stand conveyor belt (i.e. macaroni and cheese boxes) into little trilithons that will last only til the checker picks them up to scan them? …just wondering.

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