Cornwall World in Miniature Replica: A Clonehenge Speed post

photo by Lizard-Lady

OMG! We have a hurricane headed straight for us! This made us stop and think–what if we perished? What Stonehenge replicas would we be most sorry about not posting? A few came to mind, so today instead of doing a long post, we’ll do a few short ones. This is a long-sought miniature Stonehenge that we saw a picture of when we first started out, a picture that did not say where this was. We finally know this is part of another park full of miniature world landmarks and buildings, Miniature World, formerly Miniatura Park, in Cornwall. The park is now closed, but people are working to reopen it to tourists.

We can’t see this replica well enough to judge it, but it looks like a 7½ druid circle, give or take a half druid. Not sure why, but we like that it’s on the little hill. Yay! Finally posted it.


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