Best Stonehenge Cupcakes Ever!

photo and henge by Carofine Design

Until we saw these cupcakes we did not think it possible to do a good cupcake Stonehenge. But this–this is outstanding! Unsurprisingly, it was made in the Stonehenge State, in what could well be the Stonehenge replica capital of the world, Seattle Washington, the city we want to live in.

What makes this good? The green icing, grey stones, correct or nearly correct proportions, even stone shaping and texturing. What else, class? Yes, that is right–the inner trilithon horseshoe faces the three lintel stretch in what remains of the outside circle. The only thing that would tempt us to subtract druids is that we were not offered a taste. Still, this is magnificent. Even the blue stones are included. The artist really looked at Stonehenge and tried to make this a true replica. We are impressed.

Score: 7½ druids or 9+ druid dwarfs. Well done!

That ends our speed posts for this week. If we should indeed perish, many many Stonehenge replicas would never get posted (unless some brave soul picked up the torch), and the world would probably be better for that. But chances are, next week we will be back trying your patience with more nonsense and tracking the Stonehenge-building virus as it ripples through the world population. Until then, fair folk, happy henging! And wish us luck.

Come on, Irene!

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