Why No Posts?

photo by Jo Wallace

Four words: “Disk failure is imminent.” All of the henges we had lined up (and we DID actually have some!) are currently unavailable and (possibly) awaiting rescue. Our apologies. Meanwhile keep those links, photos, and suggestions coming. If you sent us one and you haven’t seen it, please send it again.

We’ve posted the picture above before in our post on the Stonehenge/golf connection, but here is a link to someone’s blog post on this replica, sent us by ever-alert reader and contributer Bob Bradlee aka @StonehengeGuy . We’ve seen pictures of a minigolf course in Thailand, a couple in England, maybe one or two more, but surely we don’t have them all. You can help in this vitally important research! If you’re traveling this summer, keep your eyes peeled for Stonehenge golf courses, large or small. Clonehenge fame awaits you!

4 thoughts on “Why No Posts?

  1. Loved your post! Nice to know we have someone out there keeping an eye open for Stonehenge mini-golf sites! And thank you for the mention.

  2. Thank you. Keep your eyes open for Stonehenge replicas wherever you go, and if you see one, send us a picture. Enjoy the summer!

  3. Hello there fans of replica Stonehenges!

    Many thanks for the link to my Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Blog. The Stonehenge Adventure Golf course in Hemsby is good fun.



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