Hello, Cleveland! Tremont Henge

photo by Jeremy Wiggins aka zodar, with permission

As Spinal Täp said, “Hello, Cleveland!

There’s nothing wrong with Ohio, except the snow and the rain. I really like Drew Cary and I’d love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!“* And now, folks, from the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, also known as the Best Location in the Nation and the Mistake on the Lake, Ohio’s first entry to our large permanent replica list! It just barely makes it in both the large and permanent categories, but we like Ohio. Cleveland Rocks! (And isn’t there a hellmouth there?)

As we see it, this modest henge can’t be more than 2 miles from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is certainly a good chance it was Spinal Tap inspired. But its true importance to us is as a demonstration. How many people wonder what to do with that odd bit of green between the sidewalk and the street? (Except in Seattle where they pack them with riotous flower gardens.) Here’s the perfect answer: build a henge!

Your neighbors will finally know you’re as weird as they thought, and the local baby-eating pagans  will have a place to perform their dark rituals! (Oops, OPAN, a pagan group not far away takes issue with that–their website clearly says, “not eating your babies since 1996“.)

A grass strip henge doesn’t have to be elaborate. Here they’ve gone with a couple of trilithons and a few standing stones, but it makes a  statement. Of something. Right? Okay, we’ll get back to you on that. But the point is, think how property values must have soared! People were probably on the verge of moving away, especially after the Indians got rid of their best players. Then someone’s brave henging saved the day! (We’re just speculating here, but how could we be wrong!? Just look at that henge.)

Score for Tremont henge? We’ll give it 5½ druids. We thank zodar for this great find. If he or anyone else gets further information on this, like who built it, how, when or why, please let us know. Honestly, what gets into people?

*(from the song Ohio, by Bowling for Soup)

Note–our next entry hasa Spinal Tap connection, so stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Hello, Cleveland! Tremont Henge

  1. You’re so right, John! We have mentioned Ohio’s earthworks several times on this blog. I also photographed and wrote about the Newark Earthworks (we lived within walking distance of them when our child, now 22, was a a baby) for the website The Megalithic Portal (my name there is aluta).

    Here’s a post from October that you might enjoy, partly about the Newark Earthworks:

    Thanks for the input, though. Like you, we think the Ohio mounds and their history are far less known than they deserve, and their native builders don’t get enough credit for their past.

    And can’t wait to see your snowhenges. Every one we’ve seen is different!

  2. Believe it or not, but Ohio has some real henges, and some wonderful earthworks. The Adena culture covered the state with sites to rival Avebury and Stonehenge. Just Google Newark Earthworks, or the Great Cirlce, Newark Ohio and you’ll get an idea… better yet, google map, and see these sites from above on the sattelite.

    Really something to be seen, and this year these sites, and the Great Serpent mound will become World HEritage sites.

    Cheers, JOHN :0)

    PS I’ve made some wonderful Snowhenges! I’ll let you know if I can find the pics. ;0)

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