Stonehenge en la Playa: the Last Continent Obtained!

argentina 11photos by McConnell Franklin, with permission

Okay, folks. *rubs hands enthusiastically* A milestone! Those faithful readers who have been following the blog since early on (bless your hearts) know that we have two goals. One is to find a replica on every continent, and the other is to get astronauts to build one on the International Space Station. Well, today we are posting a Stonehenge replica from Argentina, in South America (hopefully you knew that but we’re not taking any chances), the last continent left unhenged. Congratulations to us!

This Stonehenge in the sand was built by McConnell Franklin and girlfriend Victoria this past spring on the beach by Lago Lacar, a lake at the base of the Andes Mountains in Argentina. He writes, “The water was a bit cool for swimming, so we ended up building a huge castle (complete with tables and chairs, a moat, paths, a fence, bridges, an archway, a drip forest, and a fountain) all out of parts that we found on the beach/in the water. . . We decided at some point that the picnic area would not be complete without a StoneHenge replica, so we spent quite a bit of time scouring the area for enough properly-sized red rocks and built the mini Henge.

argentina 41The castle is an interesting construction. You can see all of it here. We couldn’t help but notice what could be burial mounds near the replica. But we may be misinterpreting. We have ancient sites on the brain. Note the photo series covers the collapse of the henge as waters encroached.

Okay, this is just three trilithons, but that’s better than many replicas we’ve posted. Score: 6 druids. Why not? It’s opened up a whole new continent. Clonehenge conquers the world! On to space, our final frontier!

6 thoughts on “Stonehenge en la Playa: the Last Continent Obtained!

  1. Hi, Jason! The Antarctica henges were not permanent. You can locate them on the blog by putting Antarctica (the word, not the continent) into the search space on the right side of the blog. I think there are 3 or 4. I admit I’m losing track!

  2. I would like to respectfully request a map of henges (possibly with mouseover links to posts/photos from the area) and a listing by continent. I’m curious to see the Antarctica henge(s). How else could I locate them?


  3. @PeteG – They found the first thing shaped as a ‘megalith’ on Mars a few days back, if I’m not mistaken. (but was definitely not man made! ;))

  4. oh cool! They stopped showing the Colbert report here so I can’t get to see it anymore 😦

  5. I think we need to start a lobby to ask NASA for the first Stonehenge in space.

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