Personal Stonehenge: Mushroom variety


photo from VivaTerra promotional website

Calling all druids”, the advertisement says. But we’re thinking this Stonehenge replica is actually aimed at the garden gnome demographic. And what is the little one standing on? A tarot deck? The ad copy continues: “Arranged on desktop or shelf, they conjure up ancient rites while gently reminding us to trust in our own inner power as we explore the mysteries that lie ahead.” If they truly conjure up ancient rites, then they are a bargain at the sale price of $49, but please excuse us if we have our doubts . . .

But whatever. Far be it from us to belittle anything that helps someone get through the day feeling good about life. Anyway, we have heard from certain sources that the connection between Stonehenge and mushrooms is a longstanding one. For some people having this on their desk in the office might help them recall rites of their own!

Score: 5 druids. And that’s a stretch, to be honest. But it is made of stone, unlike many, and their calling it Personal Stonehenge tickles our funny bone (as does the price!). And it’s a great concept. Shouldn’t everyone have their own personal Stonehenge? No? Admit it–you know you want one!

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