Deutsches Museum, Stonehenge Model

german-museumphoto from the Deutsches Museum website

Not much info on this one. Like many or most astronomical museums, planetaria and observatories, the astronomical section of the Deutsches Museum in Munich includes a Stonehenge model. It appears to include at least some of the sarsens with lintels in the circle, the horseshoe of trilithons, and bluestones, plus a rather nice lighting effect simulating a sunrise or sunset.

Unfortunately we know little else about it–materials, who built it or even its size. When you’re in Munich in September or early Oktober, how about stumbling in there before you get completely blind and getting us some information? We’d appreciate it and you might take home memories of something other than bier. Naah, who are we kidding? You won’t remember it. So email with the info while you’re there, please!

Score: 7 druids. Nicely done from what we can see.  We’re still looking for a photo of the replica at the Granada Science Park in Andalucia. If you know anyone near there or going there, bribe them for us, please! We’re still looking for our first Spanish-speaking Stonehenge.

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