Clay Stonehenges, North Olmstead, Ohio


photos from promotional website for Hawkes Nest in Affalon

Found someone in Ohio who is making clay Stonehenge replicas, either as it was when complete or as it is now. stonehenge01pThey offer them at a modest price. Each is about 8 inches across.

We wonder how many they’ve sold. This sort of thing is dangerous. Before you know it, these seemingly insignificant items could infect the minds of Ohioans and send them into a henge-building frenzy! It’s especially risky in Ohio, where the land has already generated some henge-like structures.

These little models are surprisingly accurate. We see bluestones, trilithons, including the inner horseshoe. We see the so called altar stone. It does look a little claymation, but not bad! Score: 7 druids for the N. Olmstead replicas.

Okay, we know we said we were quitting, but there are still replicas out there to post, so you can expect it once in a while!

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