Stonehenge in the Water, Cumbria


photo by skittzitilby, with permission

We’ve said before that there are many Stonehenges made of small stones out there, and we just want to post a few of the best. We find this one charming, not only for its delicate form and the photo’s deep colours. It  has a story.

Skittzitilby says, “it was made for me by my fella when he came up from the Bristol area after living 30+years of his life down there—-it was his romantic present to me showing me he loves it so much up here in Cumbria with me that he made me my own.” It looks like Skittzitilby has a pretty nice set of trilithons!

We can’t help but think this is a great precedent–showing one’s love by building a Stonehenge replica for the beloved. Maybe it will catch on! A man could try to charm a woman (or vice versa, or men charm men or women charm women–we are an equal opportunity blog!) by building an especially elaborate or meticulously correct model, depending on the other’s preferences. “What kind of Stonehenge did he (or she) build you?” people would ask one another. Or couples could build them together making distinctive replicas that would demonstrate by the ways they were unique, the personality of the couple!

Many possibilities! Score for the Stonehenge of Love, 6½ druids. More love and more replicas, people. But if it has to be just one, then, okay: make more love!

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