Snowhenge the Third, Antarctica Again: Sky-Blu


photo by Rob Jarvis, with permission

Snowhenge time again.  As some of you know, we favour Antarctic snowhenges when we can get them. We did a post on one, mentioned another in the post Henges We Admire, and here’s a third, equally nice, also from the planet’s nether regions! (No Bushmills visible in this one, though ;-))

Rob Jarvis of Highland Guides says: “The snow clonehenge was made at ‘Sky-Blu’ at the southernmost end of the Antarctic Peninsula. Sky-Blu is a blue ice runway maintained by the British Antartcic Survey (BAS) . . . I was working there and we must have had a few spare moments! The snow structure was done by ‘Baz’, a BAS mechanic posted down to Sky-Blu for a work stint!

Commonly the builders of these things are very practical people, perhaps instinctively trying to balance their rational and intuitive sides by building (practical) a Stonehenge (symbolising the intuitive?). You have to be practical to live in Antarctica, but we suspect the land inspires awe!

Score: 7½ druids. Love that Antarctic action! Want some less exotic snowhenges? Here we go: One, two, three (don’t know what language that is, but we see the word druid in there!),  four, and (scroll down for these): five, six, and seven! Oh, and good olde Bristol. Who knows–maybe a snowhenge was first and Stonehenge is just a copy!

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