Scrabble Henge


henge and photo by David Lewis, aka Boggy

Tonight’s post goes out in memory of me mum! She was a wonderful mum and the meanest Scrabble opponent you could face. She loved those little words that effectively box you out of a whole area. But we digress! Do you see what this is? I hope we don’t have to spell it out for you. Har, har!

Boggy was ahead of his time when he made this two and a half years ago. He is also the fellow who brought you the wood block gardenhenge with the children’s animal story. The lettering with lintels incorporated is cleverly done, and the photo is nice with the reflections in the wood. For related humourous comments, see the photo in its original home on Flickr.

Score: 6 druids. Thank you, mother, for taking me to Stonehenge that time! I hope being able to use the new-ish word henging is improving your Scrabble scores in the afterlife!

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