MagicHenge, the Gathering


photo by David Morgan-Mar, aka dmmaus

We know– a bunch of you are saying, “OMG, lame!” But the connections between Wizards of the Coast, makers of the game Magic: the Gathering, and Stonehenge are real, if subtle. A post coming up in a few days will point up an aspect of that.

A henge of Magic card boxes appealed to us because games like Magic feed off the mystique of icons like Stonehenge. What, in a sense, has more real mana than the lurking stone beast of Salisbury Plain? There is a hopeful feeling here, as if this were an effort to bring to life the fantasies depicted on the cards!

This is not the first time we have mentioned and posted photos from the Thinghenge pool on Flickr. We are grateful to Mr. Morgan-Mar, the visionary behind its creation. It is not Flickr’s only such pool, and we will tell you what the other is when we remember it ourselves . . .

Score? We can only give this 4½ druids as a Stonehenge replica but there is a lot of blue mana in those lintels and uprights!

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