Taipei’s Interactive Larval Stonehenge, Taiwan


photo from the Taipei Public Art section of the Taiwan government site

♥ ♥ ♥! Never before have we been so excited about a replica that we held it for a week not wanting to post it, just because we knew once we posted it nothing else would ever come close! Well, we were pretty excited about one other one once, but that was back when we were n00bs, people. We are n00bs no more!

This is the real thing! In fact, it’s probably the only thing we will ever post on this blog that could also be posted on Cute Overload. Or as close as we’ll get, anyway! And look at its functions. It has sensors to sense your approach, speakers so it can talk to you, mirrors . . . we’re not sure what they’re for. Maybe they’re one way mirrors and someone stands inside and talks–who knows? There’s even a hologram involved somehow! Go to this page and click on the right-hand square that has VR in it, and you can get a better look.

Taipei has some great public art. We had no idea. A giant chess board with chess pieces, for example. We can’t help but wonder what got into whom in order for this Stonehenge (yes, that IS the work’s title) to happen. We’re in awe, the kind that includes humourous disbelief! Scoring? Seriously? How? We’ll give it 6 baby druids–that’ll have to do.

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