Stonehenge in Silver

silversculptatsiteThis replica is a meticulous copy of Stonehenge rendered in sterling silver. A page on the site says “The replica was on display at the English Heritage visitor’s center at the Stonehenge site for three years. It is now available in a limited edition to interested collectors.

Believe me, we would like to make fun of this tiny silver Stonehenge. But it’s hard for us to deny that it is a beautiful thing. The minutely detailed stone-for-stone silver model of the monument is mounted on a base of gleaming black granite so that it looks like a piece of exquisite jewellery.

Yes, we know that it is still rather peculiar that people would bother to do this. And, yes, we know that the thing has no real use or reason for being. But that could be silver-draketrilithionsaid of most of the things we post on this blog.  Our inner magpie was aroused as soon as we laid eyes on this.

The artists, Drake and Waldon Lewis, are brothers from California. They don’t say on their website how much a copy of this replica would cost, but we imagine it is a pretty penny. It would make a great centerpiece for your Stonehenge collection. Score: 8 druids. It would be hard to resist placing tiny red ants among the ‘stones’ and taking pictures!


2 thoughts on “Stonehenge in Silver

  1. I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to get in touch with them. If anyone does, please help Martin out!

  2. I saw the model when it was at display in the Stonehenge Heritage Centre. It is a wonderful collecting piece. The email at the homepage of the artists is invalid. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them or where I could buy a model? Cheers Martin

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