Pavel Pavel’s Stonehenge, Czech Republic


photo from Strakonice promotional materials

Pavel Pavel, a Czech engineer, built this trilithon in the town of Strakonice in order to demonstrate a method of lifting heavy lintels into place without modern machinery, hoping to show how Stonehenge could have been built. So like its closest Stonehenge replica neighbor, Stonehenge in der Oberpfalz, it qualifies as a Stonehenge replica because of the intention of its builders. More recent (and better) pictures than this one show an arc of boulders placed with it to form a circle.

Delightfully, Pavel Pavel’s interest in prehistoric stone-moving techniques resulted in another experiment. He also had an Easter Island head made of concrete and used it to show how those sculptures might have been walked over the land with the help of a surpisingly small number of people. (Does enjoying the eccentricities of automatically- translated pages make us bad people?)  So, while we are not certain, the town of Strakonice may qualify for our list of places* that have BOTH a Stonehenge replica and a moai. How did we not find this one sooner?!

Score: 5½ druids. It’s little more than a trilithon, after all. But it’s another proof of the world’s fascination with the Wiltshire wonder!

*Kennewick Stonehenge, Texas’s Stonehenge II, Harry Rossett’s Stonehenge, and Tom’s Stonehenge from the Gardens of Hope–and those are just the ones we know of!

3 thoughts on “Pavel Pavel’s Stonehenge, Czech Republic

  1. Thank you. This is a fascinating comment. Of course I have little insight into this man. It is clear that you know more of him. I appreciate this, as I have been curious about him.

  2. Hi, i would not say, the motivation behind Pavel’s trilithon was fascination with Stonehenge. He simply wanted to prove, that massive objects could be moved, with technology of Stone Age. And he routinely did so. He wanted to use this as a proof, that it is entirely possible to vertically move the stones, in example, as we can see in Pyramids in Giza… that it takes just a few hours, to lift such multi tones stone. And the method is scalable. Unfortunately, he’s not British, or American, otherwise he’ll be worldwide famous long time ago. But he does not covet fame. He simply want people to use their mind and open it, to see, how people of old ages could build amazing monuments and palaces, without high technology. Enough Of Daniken type of bullshit. R.

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