LiteFX–Stonehenge Lit From Within


photo and henge by Anne and David Campbell of Lite FX, used with permission

And now, as they say, for something completely different: LED-lit selenite henges handmade by special effects experts in Scotland (see the link here). You can see similar ones (but without lintels) on this webpage, but alas they are no longer being made for sale, except perhaps if you have the cash to commission one.

David says: “the ‘stones’ are made from selenite, and light is transmitted through them from l.e.d.’s in the base. This has to be done very carefully or the brightness diminishes rapidly. Some models were purely decorative, but some had accurate stone sizes and arrangements that permitted use as a miniature calendar. We originally intended the henges to be used at night and outdoors, and made them run from mains or battery power.

The ancients might have envied us if they knew we could have miniature Stonehenges that glowed in the dark! Selenite, we’re told, dissolves easily and can’t be used outdoors, but no doubt one day someone will build a full-sized permanent Stonehenge replica that glows. It’s science types who seem most fascinated by Stonehenge and they’re the ones who can sort the details.

Structurally, of course, this isn’t an accurate replica, but we feel inclined to slip them some druids for originality and just total brilliance! Score: 7 druids for the crystal light transmission henge.

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