Mysteries of Ancient Stonehenge, or What is resin, anyway?


from Toscano website

Taking the easy way out today, we’re posting a commercial Stonehenge replica, this one sold by Design Toscano, which sells mostly figurines and statuary for home and garden. This replica is made of resin of some kind painted to look like metal, resin pretty much being any substance that starts out viscous and ends up solid. At least when you buy it, you get a Certificate of Authenticity! 😛

It is a handsome little thing for the den or library if you have one. It looks well proportioned and includes both sarsen and bluestone features. The thing is, there’s something funny about a handsome little Stonehenge for your den. But these are the days of dragons for your den, gargoyles for your library and fairies for your desk, and for a lot of people, Stonehenge fits right in there. One man’s archaeological site is another man’s mystical fantasy.

So what do you think? How many druids do we give this Stonehenge that could double as a pen holder? Score: 5½ druids. It’s not funny enough to score big and yet–we can’t take it seriously!

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